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Eco-Friendly Earthenware

Welcome to the World of Clay Art...
where Art originates from the Soul.
We are proud to present our unique designs of handmade Clay items

Our Products
 MaiMaati Creations
Clay Bottles
Clay Pots
Incense Dispensors
Clay Lantern Shells
Clay Vessels
Clay Sculpts and Busts
Clay Show Vases
Stationery Holders
Clay Wall Art
Cloth Art
Family Name-Plates
Necklaces & Ear-Pieces

How MaiMaati is Different...

Delivered Globally 

Our products are delivered across the world. We are expanding working on our presence and building our network through the world! MyMaati aims to reach your nearest city very soon.

Timely Deliveries

Delivery Scheduled and fulfilled as expected.
No Surprises and No Disappointments

Loved and Cherished

It iwould perhaps be best to check out what our  amazing customers and open-admirers say about us!

Natural and Organic

All our clay products are made using 100% eco-friendly healing elemts of the earth.

Swift Execution

Be it enquiry resolution or order processing time, we 
fulfill everything swiftly. No Exceptions!

Smooth Support

We take immense pride in our the satisfaction level attained by the MyMaati support system.

MaiMaati Team

Our small, yet zealous family-team!

Mrs. Devyani Rakesh Mulay-Tamboli

Clay Artist

Mr. Rakesh Tamboli

Willing and Arduous Supporter

MaiMaati Admirers

Appreciation Galore.

Mr. Prakash Javadekar

union cabinet minister

Mr. Prashant Damale

famous marathi actor

Mrs. Mukta Tilak

mayor of pune city

Mr. Vishal Chordia

head of khadi gramudyog mahatashtra state

Mr. Sudhir Gadgil

famous actor

Mr. Pravin Tarde

actor, writer & director

Drop by for a Visit!

We always indulge and welcome those who appreciate and love Art.

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